How-to and FAQ


Connect with Limelight on social media
Facebook: Limelight CoWorking
Twitter: @limelight_work
Instagram: limelightwork


Sign up for a Membership, refer a friend, or book your next event at Limelight
Contact Michele at 216-316-3013 or


Wi-Fi Access
WiFi Name: Limelight-Staff
Password: Workandcreate!


Using the Printer/Copier/Scanner
Installing the driver for the Kyocera CS 3252ci

  1. Go to Navigate to the Download Center on the top tab. Click on Drivers. From the Product Category dropdown menu, choose “A3 MFPs.” From the Product, choose “CS 3252ci”. Press search.
  2. Windows Users

     Mac Users

  1. From the driver file folder, double click on the “Setup” application. This should be near the bottom of the apps.
  2. You should see the following window. Select “Express Install”. Select the CS 3252ci. It should be the first option: in “Details”, the identifier should start with “fe80…”
  3. Select the features you want to install. Only mandatory feature is the “KX DRIVER”- all else is optional. Hit Install at the bottom.
  4. Select “Print a Test Page” and then click “Finish.” The driver is now installed.


Setting up printing for your membership

  1. Open your active devices and printers from your computer’s control panel. Kyocera 3252ci KX should be selected as the default printer. Right click on this device and click “Printer Properties”.
  2. From the “General” tab, select “Preferences…” at the bottom. Then click the Job tab on the left side.
  3. On the bottom left of menu, click the “job accounting” button. Click “settings…” Enter the 4 digit Member ID (if you don’t know this, ask Michele) and press “Ok”.



  1. Place the document face down on the glass, or face up in the Automatic Document Feeder.
  2. Enter your 4 digit code into the login (Ask Michele if you don’t know it)
  3. Select the “Send” icon. Select “Email Address Entry” on the right side. Type in your email address and select “Add to Address Book” in the bottom left corner.
  4. On the top left tab, go to “Name” and change to your name. Select an open section on the grid to add your shortcut. Next time you scan, you can easily select your name from the address book and send scans here.
  5. Change the settings for the scan as desired, and hit the green start button.



  1. Place the document. Enter your 4 digit code. Select copy. Change the settings as desired, and hit green start button


Reserve a conference room
Contact Michele at 216-316-3013 or

  1. Go to
  2. Click the top right navigational box, and under the bookings heading, click “Bookings Calendar.” Note: if not already signed into Nexudus, it will prompt you to Sign In or Create and Account.
  3. Select the conference room you wish to use from the dropdown arrows under “Bookings”. We have two small meeting rooms suitable for 4 people (Redlight Room and Bluelight Room) and one large meeting room suitable for 8 people (Limelight Room).
  4. Select the day you wish to book the room. On the calendar, click and drag to designate time of booking.
  5. A window will pop up prompting you to add further details about your booking. Once finished, click “Save this booking.” The booking will tie into your membership’s monthly conference room allowance, or create an invoice if the allowance has been exceeded.


Wireless Presentation Systems

To use the HELLO wireless presentation system in the conference rooms (iPhone and Android)
1. Download the HELLO Messenger app on your mobile device. Create an account and password.
2. Select the bottom HELLO tab, fourth from the left.
3. Connect your device to the appropriate conference room HELLO.

  1. Select the Screencast option. Again, you may need to reselect the appropriate conference room HELLO to broadcast to. It should now mirror your screen and allow you to present.


HELLO wireless presentation in conference rooms (Mac and iPhone)

  1. On your computer, turn AirPlay on.
  2. Select the appropriate HELLO device for your conference room and AirPlay


HELLO wireless presentation in conference rooms (Windows)

  1. Open the Action Center button on the bottom right section of the taskbar
  2. Select the ‘Project’ option
  3. Connect to a wireless display
  4. Choose the HELLO


HELLO wireless presentation in conference rooms (Backup Option)

If none of the above options for screen-sharing work, try to following steps.

  1. On your device’s web browser, go to Click “Sign In” on the top right.
  2. Account name: Password: limework5
  3. On the top left next to Michele’s name, click the right most circle icon- when you mouse over it, the tooltip says “HELLO”
  4. Select the room, and click “Direct Screenshare.” Note: after this step, you may need to press the green start call button on the HELLO remote.


To use the AirTame wireless presentation system in the lounge (Windows computers & Android mobile devices)

  1. Go to Download the AirTame App
  2. Open the App. It should automatically search for nearby AirTames. If not, search for “Limelight AirTame” from the search bar at the top. Connect to the Limelight AirTame by pressing Start.
  3. Make sure the TV is on and on the HDMI 1.


AirTame wireless presentation in lounge (iPhone and Mac)

  1. On your iPhone, select the AirPlay feature from your control panel. Within the AirPlay menu, select the Screen Mirroring option.
  2. Select the Limelight AirTame and tap it to connect.
  3. Make sure the TV is on and connected to input HDMI 1.